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There are several ways you can contact us.

The best way is by e-mail.  If you click on the green link below you'll be able to e-mail me a message.

Mail to:queentutai@gmail.com- Cultural and Environmental Holiday Enquiries

You can also phone me at (682) 31-058

Depending on your country, you will have to first access an international line by placing a number - usually  0 or 00 - in front of the (682) country code.

You can write to me at my address:

Queen Manarangi Tutai, P.O.Box 10, Aitutaki Island, Cook Islands.

If you are on the island my home address is on the main Arutanga /Tautu road - 200 metres  on the right hand side of the road before you get to Tautu village.

Contact me - I would be happy to hear from you.