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In the very beginning, there was Te Moana Nui a Kiwa - the great sea of Kiwa - and there were the green and gold islands sprinkled on the face of the great Southern waters, uninhabited, untouched - awaiting the first footprints, the first child's cry, the first thatched are nikau, built in the shadows of the hill away from the tempestuous and all encompassing sea.......................over 1000 years ago.

 My ancestors made themselves a home in this beautiful land - set like a jewel in an azure sea -  creating their own unique civilization in the heart of Polynesia.

Much of our culture has survived the last 200 years - it is still there for visitors to see and wonder. We still have people with carving skills, men who can fish the old way with line and net and spear, women who collect the shellfish, who weave and sew and make hats.


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